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Artificial burrow

„SPEC-BET” was found In 1968.It is one of the biggest producer of a concrete prefabricate. Products of this factory as slabs, coils, pipes, paving stones, slabs. Pavement already have more than 40-year tradition. The company is well-known in Poland producer of concrete products. Provides construction services inter alia in the range of land development, curing of large surfaces with cobbles and contractor earthworks. Owned machines and equipment permit the continuous improvement of product quality. Thus, the company is one of 16 factories in Poland in terms of the number of issued certificates of quality at construction materials. In 2014 years Multiple Company „SPEC-BET” started production of the new product which is the „artificial burrow” held for colonize by foxes in order to planning and control of excessive the number of this creature.

Shown on drawing artificial burrow SPEC-BET brand is designed in cooperation with the best hunters in the country.
Chamber is made of prefabricated elements with a single inbound made by concrete pipes, which protects the lair against the occurrence of drafts. Inside the chamber prior the pipe is arranged the atrial gusset dividing access to burrow. Applied distance between the the outer wall and the wedge is 16 cm so fox during the dog is running behind him does not escape circulates Atrial wedge around but runs directly into the concrete pipe. To fox willingly inhabited this type of burrow in the chamber den is made of wood.

During the installation of artificial burrow SPEC-BET Brand in the area during the installation of artificial burrow in the area, be sure that the chamber is the highest point to prevent water getting into denDepth of the hole location is arbitrary, only to remember it or not will be carried out on it any earthworks, like. plowing the land. By using the lid of the concrete can be freely chamber backfill soil, keeping in mind that the minimum amount of cover ground is 50 cm above the ceiling. The length of the pipe to the hatching chamber should be between 12 to 20 meters.

Descriptions of elements of artificial den:

  1. the bottom plate nr 1 1 pc.
  2. the bottom plate nr 2 1 pc
  3. the back wall 1 pc
  4. front wall with a hole 1 pc
  5. Long side wall 2 pc
  6. Short side wall 2 pc
  7. wedge vestibule 1 pc
  8. 2 partial lid cover den 1 pc
  9. To complete the tube matche 200 / 1000mm in the number of 12 piece
  10. wall plug M8 x 10 – 2pc
  11. steel pin – 20 pc
  12. steel clip – 6 pc

Artificial burrows should be built in the field. In the forest, they are not willing to colonized. An ideal place to build an artificial burrow brand SPEC-BET are ditches, streams, and the slope of the sunlit side. When building the windward sides should be avoided. The most common cause no settlement nor are drafts, what happens mainly in burrows with two entries.